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«Magisterially honest and wholly unpretentious in its artful composition and earnest delivery, What’s Really Real? exists on its own plane and is both compact and sprawling in its musical scope. (…) Despite the undoubtable virtuosity that characterises the considerable musical backgrounds of the four players and the contributions of a considerable array of guest musicians, ego is nowhere to be seen. (…) This is a timeless album that will provide endless entry- and exit-points for the avid listener, many years to come.»  Indie30

(…) «In a repertoire based on relaxed rhythms and original songs with English lyrics, bassist Anne Marte Eggen and her quartet We Float reflected that Nordic coolness.»
 – The Wall Street Journal

«The whole building and the beautiful, ornate melodies rest in the arms of the sounds and the solemn romantic moods. (…) The music has been made with precision and an ear for details. Behind music, lyrics and arrangements stands the bassist Anne Marte Eggen and her consistent way of implementing her vision is impressive. Then she also has good help in the realization, not least by Linda Bergström, who sings with sensitivity and warmth, has a great voice to pick up when needed and the same look for shades like Eggen.» Alexander Agrell, Sydsvenskan

«Armed with the deft skills and abilities of her Swedish bandmates and guest guitarist Samuel Hällkvist at her disposal, Eggen is able to highlight every pop and jazz infused element, blending and consolidating them together in a compositional approach that has always served song and soundscape first ahead of virtuosity.» – Indie 30

«We Float låter sin musik skifta som ett aprilväder. Det är sol, det är regn, det är vindstilla, det är storm. Dessutom är det väldigt snyggt gjort.»
 – Lennart Götesson, Dalademokraten

«Sen fylls teatern av djupa, distinkta, liksom utflytande toner från Anne Marte Eggens elbas. Hon leder unga kvartetten We Float i en egen komposition mitt emellan pop och jazz. Fanny Gunnarsson är en sökande innovativ pianist och Filip Bensefelt en varierat rytmisk trummis. Linda Bergströms sång glider och svävar, rullar runt ovanpå musiken; svenska och engelska, med ord och ordlöst. Både melodiskt och rytmiskt, på väg och mycket lovande.»
 – Ystads Allehanda


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Photographs: Jens Nordström, Felix Johnny
Website: Kjersti Hansen Eggen